Limited Edition Anniversary

Anniversary celebrates 10 years since our first official product review and as it suggests is strictly a limited edition model, of which only ten units will be manufactured, each one numbered accordingly.

Building upon the Reference, the platter is 6mm thicker and the main bearing longer incorporating the new improved bushing. Twin belt drive is used via an improved motor coupled directly to the 22mm solid aluminium top plate. The subchassis arm mounting has been strengthened and the suspension frequency lowered still further.

The suspension housings are rigidly fixed to the top plate, which sits on the integral designed framework and shelves incorporating the split power supplies. The improved Reference SP power supply is split into two separate sections, keeping the DSP electronics and output module away from the large 1KVA mains transformer and associated electronics.

Each power supply is fixed to its 16mm solid aluminium shelf and the top shelf is suitable for our Pulsare phonostage or alternative.

The twelve polished chrome plated segments that make up the supporting framework, each weighing 7kg adds stability to the whole structure and reduces low frequency vibration entering the top plate. Each segment is manufactured from solid steel and solid stainless steel feet can be adjusted for levelling with the tool supplied.

Sound quality is sublime, open, dynamic, vivid, lifelike in presentation, yet delicate and revealing with background and surface noise pushed further into the background than ever before.

Anniversary is to experience the full power of vinyl at its best.



: 583mm


: 456mm


: 900mm

Total weight

: 147kg